Susan Davis videos – “School Girl”

Name: School Girl

Duration: 87 min

Director: David Gerber

Country: United States

Year: 1971

Language: English

Actress: Susan Davis,Debra Allen

Categories: Susan Davis videos, 1971, United States, English, David Gerber, Susan Davis, Debra Allen, George S. McDonald, Eric Humphrey, George Allen

Actors: George S. McDonald,Eric Humphrey,George Allen

Bikes, babes and bad-ass fucking are the draws in this tantalizing look at Harleys and the women an men who love them – and love on them! The flick was shot in a n actual biker shop, and most of the action takes place on and around a collection of shiny bikes that are almost as alluring as the women atop them. Almost. These nasty babes pull out all the stops as they set out to prove that they’re the most horny fucking chick of them all. Kassi Nova stages a contest to see which biker can bag the most babes. The results are even hotter than she anticipated, as the biker hunks get fucked and sucked like they never have been before!!