K.C. Williams fuck : “Temptation Eyes”

Name: Temptation Eyes

Year: 1991

Duration: 127 min

Director: Jim Enright

Country: United States

Language: English

Actors: Tom Byron,Marc Wallace,Buck Adams

Actress: Raven,K.C. Williams,Alicyn Sterling,Heather Hart,Paula Price

Categories: K.C. Williams fuck, 1991, United States, English, Jim Enright, Raven, K.C. Williams, Alicyn Sterling, Heather Hart, Paula Price, Tom Byron, Marc Wallace, Buck Adams, Facial

Ayicyn Sterling plays a woman blinded in a hit and run accident. A mysterious man donates his eyes to her. Buck Adams shows up to take care of her during her recovery, but his motives are to protect someone else.